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Six HR information systems suitable for Start-ups or SMEs (Small to Medium scale businesses)

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

A lot of start-ups and established small to medium scale businesses still make use of Microsoft Excel as a data base for managing employee records, holidays, time tracking, business reports etc Excel. In the present world of data-driven decision making, it has become very obvious that businesses can derive competitive advantage just by having data structured, captured, processed and retrieved/reported in the right format, time and platform that aids fast decision making – either strategic or operational.

Back in the days, ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Platforms) were few – so few, they can be counted on one hand and also very expensive. Some of the key players in this field were – SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft. With the, advent of cloud technology, some of the old ERP transitioned into the cloud and are still very dominant today. However, they largely remain unaffordable to SMEs. The good news is that there is an increasing abundance of cloud-based HR technology in the cloud, built specifically for SMEs and start-ups. They are developed to deliver similar HR technology services as the major players, tailored to the unique challenges experienced by SMEs and at an affordable price point.

Below are six HR information systems that a start-up or growing business can adopt to gain competitive advantage as part of their people strategy.

Note: The six HRIS detailed above were randomly picked and this write up does not aim to compare the systems nor serve as an advert.

1, ZOHO PEOPLE: A dynamic HR system that has continually improved its functions over the years. It is a cloud and mobile based system which offers a wide variety of HR functions which integrate with third party systems. It is quite affordable for the broad range of services it offers. Zoho continues to improve and expand its service offerings which include: ESS, Time Mgt, E-signature, Document Mgt, Onboarding, Timesheet etc.

Click here to see the full list of Zoho People system solutions.

2. PEOPLE HR: Starting from as little as £2/employee per month, PeopleHR prides itself as being built by a compact team of HR veterans. It also prides itself in as the HR Solution that helps businesses grow with solutions such as: Admin essentials (holiday requests, track and tackle absences), Paperless automated processes, performance management and even discovering useful insights about your workforce.

Click here to see the full list of People HR system solutions.

3. HI BOB: Built in 2015 with the understanding that the world of work is changing. Recognising the continuous work place changes has led to continuous development of Hi Bob to keep it current and relevant. Hi Bob boasts of an array of business solutions: Admin, Onboarding, Benefits, Reporting, Time off, Performance, surveys, culture etc.

Click here to see the full list of Hi Bob system solutions.

4. ZENEFITS: Established in the market since 2013 with a strong system service offering in the HR and Benefits administration space and a focus on serving Small and Medium sized organisations. Zenefits prides its solutions as being truly mobile, built with compliance in mind and each system service offering is truly integrated and easy to be integrated with. Click here to see the full list of Zenefits system solutions.

5. CHARLIE HR: A UK HR systems provider that prides itself on security and also offers a suite of HR functions for free (limited time period only). Additional advanced system modules can also be purchased for a fixed price of £4/Month/User. In addition to HRIS solutions, Charlie HR offers HR Advisory services for a reasonable additional fee.

Click here to see the full list of Charlie HR system solutions.

6. BAMBOO HR: Established in 2008 as ‘The HR Software with a heart’. While not one of the cheapest in the market for SMEs, it however provides a great UI (User Interface) which is a key factor in driving employee engagement with any system and thus, improved ROI. Bamboo HR is very easy to get set up, established and running.

Click here to see the full list of Bamboo HR system solutions.

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