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Outsourced HR Services

The benefits of a great HR function to a small/growing business cannot be overemphasized.

  • Engaged and performing workforce

  • Compliant documentation, Processes and Practices

  • Optimised organisational performance, Performance culture

  • Business growth through employee performance etc.

Despite these and other benefits, establishing a HR practice early in an organisation’s life cycle, can be a daunting challenge, mainly due to lack of expertise, cost and the risk of  industrial action or litigation.

M923 Consulting HR Services can help deliver the benefits of having a HR function for a fraction of the in-house HR costs. We deliver excellent HR services with the understanding that each client, depending on industry, growth stage, strategy and culture, will have unique HR support needs.


Take your eyes off HR strategy and operations and allow us develop and run your HR function while you Focus on your business and client growth.​

What you get with our Retained HR service

  • Develop and or review your HR policies ensuring updated compliance

  • Provide and configure an easy to manage HR system in the cloud

  • Manage HR system data entry e.g  for new hires while employees can easily enter holiday and time off bookings, immediately visible to management.

  • Shape employee performance objectives, performance and engagement culture.

  • Help employees feel engaged and part of the team

  • Deliver business and HR-related training

  • General HR administration and advisory services

  • Enable and empower management to make faster informed decisions via data from the cloud HR

  • Employment Law Advisory service and free consultation with a legal practice*

  • Tribunals and claims advisory

  • Employment contract and offer letter

  • Staff handbook development, review and update

  • On-site HR advisory services

  • Remote advisory services

  • Bespoke HR advisory services and projects**

* Free consultation and advisory services with a reputable legal practice

** Clients on an active Retained HR service contract, will enjoy discounted rates for bespoke HR projects.

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