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...Experience BreatheHR cloud software



Why BreatheHR Software?


For a fraction of the cost of weekly branded coffees, a business can enjoy the awesome benefits of secured, automated, award-winning cloud-based HR software - BreatheHR. 

See subscription costs below.

BreatheHR continues to engage and listen to its customers and industry to shape its evolution in its journey to provide excellent service to its client base with both New functionalities and upgrading existing ones. 

Employees have visuals of their organisation organogram, can see their organisation charts and are responsible for entering and maintaining the accuracy of their records.


Performance Management, Holiday Booking

Recruitment & Sickness Absence, Employee Records & Expenses, Document management

Integration APIs and a whole lot more...


BreatheHR cares for customer data safety and compliance with data protection regulations.


This is why it has invested significantly to achieve and maintain ISO27001 certification as well as GDPR compliance.


BreatheHR is a cloud-based software.

The above means that employees and businesses can always access HR and organisational data whenever, wherever and on any appropriate digital device.


Automate Business Processes

Employee Self Service

No more complex spreadsheets


Time efficiencies achieved through process automation in BreatheHR, business owners and leaders can afford to reliably focus on business growth, obtaining reliable data and reports from the system. 

.   .  . & A WHOLE LOT MORE

Find out more on other benefits of BreatheHR

How much does BreatheHR cost?


Designed for businesses with:

01 - 10 employees

£13 / Month


Designed for businesses with:

11 - 20 employees

£26/ Month


Designed for businesses with:

21 - 50 employees

£67 / Month


Designed for businesses with:

51 - 100 employees

£137 / Month


Designed for businesses with:

101 - 150 employees

£350 / Month

How much does BreatheHR cost?

Designed for businesses with:

151 - 200 employees

£500/ Month

Designed for businesses with:

above 200 employees

Online HR management

We partner with breathe, because it’s a great employee management system that enables our clients to safely and securely maintain their HR records and core processes online.

As a breathe certified partner we have rolled this ‘easy to use’ system out to a number of our retained clients as well as using breathe ourselves.

Through our Retained Services, we can gain access to our clients’ account if they want us to, so we can manage their data and information alongside them. We keep a grip and control of their records and processes, whilst saving our clients even more time through our effective management of their day to day HR needs.

Our Consultancy Practice can expertly advise and guide you on the efficient ways breathe can be of benefit to your SME. Get in touch if you would like to find out more or to book a free demo.

Centralises Employee Data

No more paperfiles, all personnel information can be stored easily and securely.

Managing Holiday Requests

It’s easy with a central holiday calendar, employee self-service, and clear holiday allowance display.

Manage Employee Absence

Understand why and when your team are off ill and be proactive in spotting negative trends.


From start to finish, recruitment is simplified with user-friendly applicant tracking system.

Organise Documents

All company and employee documents securely stored.

Track Expenses

Easily manage employee expense claims and generate reports to help calculate budgets.

Good Performance Management Process

Promote professional growth, set achievable goals, and recognise good work.

Streamline Reports

Custom reports that show the information that show only the information that you need.

Win back time in your day and help your people be the best they can be by starting your free 14 day trial on all monthly plans.

Free 14 Day Trial

MICRO 1-10 Employees £11 PerMonth

STARTER 11-20 Employees £23 PerMonth

REGULAR 21-50 Employees £59 PerMonth

PRO 51-100 Employees £118 PerMonth

PREMIUM 101-250 Employees £241 PerMonth

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

No payment required upon commencing your free 14- day trial and if you choose to use breathe, note that contracts run on a monthly basis.

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