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90% - 200% of Annual Salary
The True Business cost of employee early turnover

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Why aren’t your hires fitting into your company ethos?


Why is your staff turnover a particular business concern and employee engagement lacking?

Your recruitment company is delivering talented resources but you’re left head-scratching as to why they just don’t fit in?.

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If you want to outrank and outgrow your competition using your workforce, you need a new approach that will work for your business

In this new emerging economy, demand for jobs is more than supply. In other words, there’s a lot of talent available and few employers; the marketplace is awash with people desperate to land a new job and the general perception is that recruitment has become easy. But for those businesses that need to survive, those that want to thrive and those that need to evolve, your next recruitment drive can make or break your ambition.


In reality, recruitment has just got a whole lot harder.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 13 years since their inception, Running Pony maintained a 100% employee retention rate. How?

At M923 Consulting, we appreciate the individuality and uniqueness of each business, and talent that fits well into one company won’t necessarily fit well into another. Understanding this has enabled us to successfully establish the practice of employee-employer fit during as a core in our recruitment process, ensuring the right talent is sourced into the right company with retention rates that far outstrip the marketplace. The businesses that we recruit for thrive in challenging markets – including the Covid-19 pandemic.


We are a lead in delivering the right talent matched with the culture of your business.  We call this culture-factored recruitment.

Do you need Talent paired with your organisational culture?

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