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M923 Consulting is Stepping into the Bloggers ecosystem

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Welcome to our first blog post

Who we are?

We are M923 Consulting. A group of passionate HR professionals with a mission to positively impact and support the UK workforce from a HR perspective. We are based in Basingstoke and currently providing service across the following geographical areas: Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and London.

Why blog?

The answer is simple: In the absence of the human workforce, there is no need for human resource (HR) as a function or profession. So, we take this blog as an important opportunity and responsibility to support the healthy and productive existence of HR’s ‘better-half’ – the UK workforce.

In its November 2019 UK abour market overview, the ONS reported that 76% of the UK population are in employment. We at M923 Consulting want to make our contribution in supporting that workforce as well as those aspiring to join that population.

What is this blog about?

Supporting the UK workforce is the vision driving this blog. We aim to fulfill this vision through direct engagement, proving: Insight, Guidance, Exposés, Trending HR matters, Employment law updates and their applications etc. We will also ensure the information we provide is reliable and reflects the changing workforce and working environment which is rapidly transitioning from Local to 'Glocal', largely courtesy of the rapid revolution of technology.

Blogging approach?

Besides our analysis, we will be actively scouring various sources for relevant Human Resource related information to keep our audience informed on employment law updates, HR trends, leadership, HR Tech, innovative ideas, industry leading practices, thought leadership etc.

Call to action:

If you've read this far, think about your contacts who may benefit from this post and feel free to share – You now have our blessing to do so 👌

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